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1. Postulancy (1 year)

The candidate is introduced to the style of life of Missionary of the Holy Spirit.  Through a process of discernment, the candidate is helped to respond to God’s call to religious life.

2. Novitiate (2 years)

The Novitiate initiates a young man into life in our Congregation. It is a very intense period of prayer and silence which favors a strong encounter with God. In that encounter with God, one continues to discover God’s will and confirm God’s call to be a Missionary of the Holy Spirit. In addition to prayer and discernment, our novices also learn about our Congregation, its founders and history, the Spirituality of the Cross, and begin acquiring skills for future ministry in the Church. At the end of the 2 years, a novice makes his first vows of poverty, chastity and obedience as a Missionary of the Holy Spirit. Our Novitiate house is located in Long Beach, California.

3. Scholasticate (4 years)

After having professed his first vows as Missionary of the Holy Spirit, the newly professed brother moves to the Felix Rougier House of Studies, where he continues his religious formation and studies at Mt. Angel Seminary to obtain a BA degree in Philosophy. In addition to the academic studies, the brother maintains a strong prayer life and serves in various ministries.

4. Pastoral Internship (1 year)

During this stage of formation, the brother lives and works in one of our ministerial communities.  He is assigned specific pastoral tasks as he continues integrating his religious values and consolidating his identity as a Missionary of the Holy Spirit.

5. Theologate (4 years)

The Theologate is the fourth and final stage of basic formation in our Congregation. During these 4 years our brothers make their perpetual vows of poverty, chastity and obedience as Missionaries of the Holy Spirit, and are ordained Deacons and then Priests. As Missionaries of the Holy Spirit who are preparing for perpetual vows and ordination, they strive to have a holistic approach to their religious formation which touches and transforms the core values of their lives. During this stage our brothers study theology and earn a Master of Divinity degree from Oblate School of Theology.