We are a Roman Catholic Order of Priests, permanent deacons, and permanent brothers consecrated to God and to the Church through the vows of poverty, celibate chastity and obedience. We were founded by Fr. Felix of Jesus Rougier on December 25, 1914.

Currently, we have communities and establishments in Mexico, USA, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Brazil, Italy and Spain. In the USA, we exercise our mission in the Archdioceses of Los Angeles, Portland, Oregon, San Antonio, TX and Washington State. Our Novitiate House is located in Long Beach, CA, our House of Studies in Mount Angel, OR and our Theologate House in San Antonio, TX.

We belong to the Family of the Cross: 18 Institutes living the Spirituality of the Cross.

“…Purity, Sacrifice and Charity…
the virtues we dearly love and the virtues we dearly want to practice.”


  • First and foremost contemplatives, then men of action. All our actions flow from the genuine and intimate life of prayer.

  • Intense liturgical life: Eucharist, Eucharistic Adoration, and liturgy of the Hours.

  • Fidelity to Eucharistic Adoration where Christ, in the Blessed Sacrament, continues his constant priestly offering.

  • Strong community life: we pray, work, discern, have retreats, and have recreation and leisure time together.


Our mission is the same as that of Jesus. We are sent by the Holy Spirit:


  • To promote holiness in God's priestly ministers and the laity,

  • To make the Holy Spirit better known and loved,

  • To promote docility to the work of the Spirit in people's life,

  • To spread the reign of the Spirit of love, justice and peace.


  • Spiritual Direction

  • Retreats and Spiritual Exercises

  • Parish Work

  • Seminary Formation

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Fr. Miguel Marquez, MSpS

Phone: (971) 208 – 8623

Email: miguelmsps@yahoo.com

Br. Lucio Galicia, MSpS

Phone: (971) 600 - 8751
Email: sanjuanmsps@gmail.com

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